Rockstar entrepreneurs unleashed

I don’t like the magical MPs and CEOs that I meet who whip out their phone and smash 1200 jobs down the drain, but I do like the creative people who achieve big things with rockstar personalities and visions that make the cookie-cutter kids on Small Street squirm and squeal in disbelief. I am titillated […]

How Two Millionaire Rockstar Entrepreneurs get sacked from their own companies

So what do Dominic Carosa, founder of Destra Corporation worth $100m, and Steve Jobs, founder of Apple (priceless), have in common? Both are college dropouts, both began their business from their garage, both became rockstar entrepreneurs before 30, and both have been sacked from their own companies. You’re probably asking the same question I am. […]

Why James Bond gets away with the “Quantum of Solace”

Hands up how many of us here actually know what the ‘Quantum of Solace’ really means? It’s the new James Bond movie, and it’s set to skyrocket, pull in millions at box office and make entertainment history like every James Bond movie. Anybody? I thought so. Even I struggled! According to Webstar’s online dictionary, the […]

Generation Y-Not: Why Paris and Bongo make millions this NYE

Shhh! Listen carefully. Can you hear that? It’s the bewildering crash of an era capsized in convention. Mighty minds that once forged our economic victories now scramble in the dust of generational defeat. The time has come. Armed and unbridled with the competitive prowess of youth, pubescent young things are stampeding the corporate battlegrounds. Programmed […]