The recession is all part of nature’s “Economic Darwinism”

I’m sure all you saucy minxes out there are jumping  in anticipation for sequels of sexy business romantic novella. Something that has been tugging away at me lately is the doom and dominance of this plague called the recession.

What do you do when your venture capitalists and ‘angel investors’ suddenly cut off your lifeblood and jet off for playtime in Macau or Monaco instead?

Here’s the deal. Every once in a while, a phenomena called Economic Darwinism invades our planet and with a whoosh of its magidevilish wand, shatters the spirits of the ambitious and crashes upon the publicly listed liabilities. If you’re a start-up, small business owner or entrepreneur, bad luck.

You’re going to have to do what you did in the beginning, go back to basics and back to the drawing board. Life is a game of survival, so harden up now. Truth is, if you were an employee made retrenched, you probably weren’t pulling your weight and bringing in the value of at least three times your salary anyway. Otherwise, why would they fire you? The time is now and now is the time to redefine.

A job can mean a plethora of opportunities that existed way before this recession ever happened. It means freelancing, contracting, franchising, self-employment, relocating and innovating. You are being pushed, but that’s absolutely ok – we all need to be pushed sometimes, sometimes in a small way, and sometimes in a big way that hurts. Really hurts!

The cleverest and strongest survive, and the weak fall upon the darling doll. One thing that’s exciting is that there is a giant sea of intellectual capital floating about, wafting in and out of a test and legacy we call life.

Little Miss Entrepreneur


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