Generation Y-Not: Why Paris and Bongo make millions this NYE

paris_hilton_pumpsShhh! Listen carefully. Can you hear that? It’s the bewildering crash of an era capsized in convention. Mighty minds that once forged our economic victories now scramble in the dust of generational defeat. The time has come.

Armed and unbridled with the competitive prowess of youth, pubescent young things are stampeding the corporate battlegrounds. Programmed with an agenda to create, innovate and kill, they wield triple-edged swords to cripple traditional business in its tracks. Wait a second. Did I say pubescent?

Pubscent and prolific. The tables have turned with the turn of the century, and spawned the marvellous birth of Generation Y-Not. Conceived in the starcrossed fate of evolution, these new troups come armoured to survive and engineered to thrive. They’ve evolved quantum leaps from generations that battled and bled on the frontline in boardrooms. These kids would rather champion the ancient martial strategy of crawling through backdoors on the backs of friends and favours.

Their boundaries are shattered, the world is smaller, their vision bigger. The corporate fuddy-duddies who died on their feet and in defence can be respected, but revered they are not. The Modern World instead hails the likes of Generation-Y princess Paris Hilton, greenie Miranda Kerr and entrepreneur Richard Branson. It is they whom sow the power of rebellion and relationships, and reap multi-million dollar fortunes. In the “Art of War” by Sun Tzu and Laurence J Brahm’s book “When yes means no: How to negotiate in China”, I see that Generation Y-not aren’t too different from the Chinese who fight in business as they did in ancient war.

Stiff shirts and uptight MBAs – such learning does not get one far in China as learning how to drink, smoke and sing karaoke songs, which can actually pull negotiations out of a stalemate situation and bring them onto a personal level…

Personally, I’d rather make my millions partying with Bongo and taking the cheek out of Lord King and British Airways than slave the conventional 20 years to success. Prepare to applaud more of the pubescent and prolific Generation Y-Not, the world is their stage and the curtains are drawn. Performance is their birthright.

All the best in love and war,

Little Miss Entrepreneur


2 thoughts on “Generation Y-Not: Why Paris and Bongo make millions this NYE

  1. Dan,

    My favorite readers are the ones that ask questions, so here’s an intellectual hard-on in layman’s terms. Let’s talk about Paris Hilton and Bongo.

    Have you heard that young entrepreneur William Scott has signed over millions to have Paris Hilton launch in person his latest business venture – the “Bongo Virus” at the world’s biggest online NYE party in Sydney? What do you think of when you think Paris Hilton? I think publicity, parties, rebellion, sex, the media, and GEN Y. And Bongo? I think innovative high-tech, cheeky social networking… and business. Aha! This generation is leading a revolutionary movement in business.

    The world has always associated conventional suits, stiff ties and boardrooms in big towers with business, but have they ever associated Paris Hilton? She’s a mighty smart girl, don’t let the tabloids deceive you. Trends tell us that Generational-Y success is all about connections –
    a) disconnecting with traditional business through rebellion against convention and
    b) connecting people and creating value out of personal networks.

    Call it a revolution if you like. If you have no plans for NYE, party with the world’s party princess – here’s your invitation!

    You can zip yourself up now (or not).

    Fly high and humble,
    Little Miss Entrepreneur

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